2010 Conference
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Shabbat at Limmud NY

Judaism in the Mid-Hudson Valley and Catskills

Eric Hollander

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

Jews and Jewish communities "upstate" range widely from vibrant unaffiliated congregations to Orthodox summer bungalow colonies to Lubavitch camps to struggling synagogues in economically depressed resort towns and small cities. We'll take a look at the buildings, people, and organizations that make up these communities and discuss what direction they might take to survive and/or thrive.

Eric Hollander

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Eric's family has had a house in Gardiner (next to New Paltz) since 1939. He spent summers and weekends there all his life. He is a member of the New Paltz shul (Recon), has visited and traveled extensively in Mid-Hudson Valley and Catskills attending services at many synagogues.

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