2010 Conference
Site and Transportation
Shabbat at Limmud NY

Transportation of Holocaust Survivors to the Emerging State of Israel
A DVD and Slide Presentation

Martin Silver

Global History & Culture, Israel

In this session, Martin Silver, an American who has been to Israel more than 55 times since 1948, will share his historical perspective on the story of Holocaust survivors coming to Israel and on the role that these new Israeli citizens played in the early development of the State of Israel.

Martin Silver

Martin Silver was a volunteer in Aliyah Bet, 1947-48, transporting Holocaust survivors from French camps to Israel. In the seventies, he became a citizen of Israel and later represented Israeli manufacturers in the American market. From 2002-2009, he volunteered seven tours of duty in the Sar-El program working on IDF bases in Israel. Martin has been to Israel 57 times since 1948.

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