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Dasee Berkowitz

Telephone: 917 763 1524

Dasee Berkowitz works as a Jewish educational consultant in Manhattan and is the founder of JLife Consulting, a service that offers educational workshops to couples and families planning Jewish life-cycle events. Dasee is a proud member of the Limmud NY board and an even prouder wife of Leon Morris and mother of a cute one and a half year old named Tamir!

Shabbat Candlelighting

Dasee Berkowitz, Saul Kaiserman


Welcome Shabbat with warmth and light! Lighting candles is a tangible and spiritual way to mark the work week’s end and Shabbat’s beginning. Not sure how? We will show you! Drop in and join us. Candlelighting time is 4:33 pm. Note: Candles may NOT be lit anywhere other than at this session for fire safety reasons.

Friday Night Tisch!

Dasee Berkowitz, Mimi Feigelson, David Ingber, Ethan Tucker, Mishael Zion

Interactive, Shabbat

Tisch (Yiddish for Table) is the Hasidic custom of gathering around a table to share songs, words and drinks — all of the kind that warm up the inside. Come join host Mishael Zion as some of Limmud NY's top presenters share their thoughts, stories and free-associations on "Why We Learn." Prepare yourself to experience the best of Shabbat and Limmud NY all wrapped up in one joyous and uplifting session. Note: Alcohol will be available at the Tisch (only for participants who are 21 years of age and older).

Intersections of Jewishness

How do our identities shape the way we interact with others?

Dasee Berkowitz, Aliza Hausman, Abbie Yamamoto, Carlos Zarur

Global History & Culture, Interactive

This panel brings together three Jews with varying profiles: a Dominican-American Jew; a Latin American Mizrahi-Sephardic Jew; and a Japanese-Askhenazi Jew. What are our commonalities and differences? Using the stories of the panelists as a spring board, we will launch into our stories and experiences about being Jewish, how we identify as Jews, and how that relates to our lives, with a focus on how our Jewish identities effect inter-cultural and inter-ethnic experiences.


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