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Charles Stein

Charles (Avraham) Stein is a resident of Great Neck, New York. He has been a litigation attorney in New Jersey for over thirty years and is the attorney for Chabad of Central, N.J. Charles is a founder and Executive Vice President of Americans for Peace in the Middle East, an educational/activist organization opposed to the penetration of the Middle East by the Soviet Union and supportive of a strong Israel with defensible borders.

The Disputation of Barcelona, 1263

Judaism on Trial

Global History & Culture

The Disputation of Barcelona in 1263 was a dramatic event in Jewish history, involving Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman (the Ramban), one of Judaism's greatest scholars. During a period when Jews were forced to convert to Christianity, the King of Aragon and the Catholic Church directed Ramban to defend the basic principles of Judaism. His adversary was the Jewish apostate, Pablo Christiani. Learn how Ramban used his intellect and diplomatic skills in an effort to preserve the faith of the Jewish nation.


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