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Howard Goldenberg


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Howard Goldenberg lives, loves, writes and doctors in Australia, the wide brown land that welcomed his family in 1840. Howard is a marathon runner (slow), cook (erratic), eater (heroic), husband (fortunate), father (humoured), saba (blessed), outback chronicler and physician. Descended from the Vilna Gaon and from Cyril Coleman - pearl diver, polo player and one-stringed violinist, of Broome; born and brissed in Melbourne, made and raised orthodox in a small country town, he promises much.

“Raft”: An Outback Aussie Doctor in a Yarmulka

A Doctor in a Yarmulka Enters Aboriginal Australia

Arts & Performance, Book Club

Howard Goldenberg is a white, middle-class, Orthodox Jewish doctor who works one-to-two months a year in remote Australian Aboriginal communities. “RAFT” (Hybrid Publishers, 2009) is his sell-out account of fifty working visits. His stories are unnerving, shocking, hilarious, quirky, desperate and hopeful. In this session, the author reads memorably, engages provocatively, and recounts unexpected intersections and parallels between Jewish and Aboriginal beliefs and lives.

My Father's Compass

Howard Goldenberg’s memoir, My Father’s Compass (Hybrid Publishers, 2007), is a moving tribute to his father Myer, who was a rare combination of dinkum Aussie and devout Jew. In this session, the author will use his magical story-telling skills to record and celebrate the long and fruitful life of a man with too many roles: healing the sick, growing olives, sailing the seas, harvesting foreskins, serving synagogues and raising his brood of difficult children.


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