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David Stern

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David Stern, who hails from London, England, has been involved with Limmud for 3 years and just sat on the 2009 UK Limmud Conference team. He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA (HONS.) in Film and Television Studies, specializing in the sociological and political impact of media texts on the world around us. He currently studies full-time at Yeshivat Hadar, a halakhic, non-denominational Yeshiva in New York City.

Where Do You Limmud?

A Panel Discussion

Sissy Block, Nadia Oshry, Marla Shainberg, David Stern, David Wilensky

One of the most remarkable things about Limmud is that it is done all over the world and the movement keeps expanding. What is it about Limmud that makes people want to get involved where they live, volunteer to create their own, or travel far from home just to experience it? Come listen to a panel discussion from people connected to Limmud Atlanta-Southeast, Limmud Colorado, Limmud Philadelphia, Limmud NY, Limmud South Africa, and the original Limmud in the UK that got this all started.

Mechitza Musings

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive, Ritual & Prayer

How does the mechitza (partition or division) and the role of men and women in your Jewish community interact with 21st century cultural and societal norms? Whichever side of the mechitza you sit on, please come and share your thoughts. During this session, the presenter will share research and screen clips from his upcoming documentary film on egalitarian and non-egalitarian Jewish communities.


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