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Sam Kliger


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Sam Kliger is working as Director of Russian Affairs at the American Jewish Committee. His responsibilities include creating programs and preparing a new generation of leaders from the Russian-speaking community. He also serves as a liaison between AJC and Russian-speaking community and organizations in the U.S. and other countries. Sam is extensively involved in AJC research and public diplomacy with the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Sam has his PhD in sociology from the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Jewish Interest and Jewish Diplomacy

Advanced, Global History & Culture

The discussion will focus on what comprises interests of the Jewish people, who formulates these interests and how the goals and objectives are achieved within diplomatic encounters in public Jewish diplomacy. We will also discuss case studies based on American Jewish Congress experiences.

Russian Jews and American Jews: Conflicts, Integration, and the Future

Advanced, Global History & Culture

Explore and discuss the similarities and differences in attitudes and values between Russian-Jewish immigrants and their American Jewish host community. In what ways are we different? How are the differences reflected in areas of political and social life? How long will the Russian-Jewish immigrant community exist as a distinct Jewish group?

Russian-Jewish Community in New York: Economy, Politics, and Religion

Advanced, Identity & Responsibility

This presentation is concentrated on analyzing the current state of the Russian-Jewish immigrant community in New York, with emphasis on its economic achievements, political preferences, and religious attitudes. Results of sociological data from a project conducted by the presenter at American Jewish Committee (AJC) will be presented.


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