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Yehuda Hausman

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Yehuda Hausman is completing his studies for rabbinic ordination at YCT Rabbinical School. He is passionate about literature (from science fiction to poetry to the classics) and Torah. He has a BA and MA in Modern Jewish History and Thought from Brandeis University. Yehuda currently resides in Riverdale (aka the Bronx), NY with his wife, blogger Aliza Hausman.

Racism in the Jewish Community

Aliza Hausman, Yehuda Hausman

Identity & Responsibility

We will explore racism in the Jewish community on both the personal and community level. We will discuss stereotypes, anti-Semitism, relations with non-Jews and people of other races. We will look at the issues Jews of color encounter in the community. How does culture influence self-perception? How do our cultural perceptions affect others? How can talking and learning about racism help us work towards a more cohesive Jewish community? This session will use Jewish, anecdotal and popular sources.

Abusing Religious Authority

Modern Lessons from the Abduction of Dinah

Identity & Responsibility, Text & Thought

When Shechem abducts and violates Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, an intense negotiation ensues between Shechem and Jacob’s sons. Arguments and demands are guised in the language of faith, each side using religion for political ends. Texts include Genesis Ch. 35 as well as various rabbinic material. (All texts will be in English.)


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