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Judy Klitsner


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A senior faculty member at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Judy Klitsner has been teaching the Jewish bible and Jewish biblical exegesis for nearly two decades. Klitsner lectures widely in Israel, the U.S., and Europe. Judy Klitsner is the author of the new book, "Subversive Sequels in the Bible" (Jewish Publication Society).

Slumbering Prophets and the Escape from Self

How Jonah Mines & Undermines the Story of Noah

Text & Thought

Two prophets, Noah and Jonah, seek to escape their responsiblities to help rescue humanity. As a result, both run the risk of losing themselves—one in alcoholic oblivion, the other by falling into a coma-like slumber. After a close reading and literary comparison of these two stories, we will address the question of humanity's potential for genuine and enduring self-transformation.

The "Seeing" and "Taking" of Sarah: The Matriarch as Forbidden Fruit

Text & Thought

What does Sarah the Matriarch have in common with the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden? Through close readings of the two stories, we will note the surprising parallels between the stories. We will then view this comparison in the larger context of gender relations in the Bible.

Three Akedot: Isaac, Ishmael, and the Children of Job

Text & Thought

Before the Akeda, Abraham 'sacrifices' another child, Ishmael. We will compare Genesis 21 and 22, highlighting Abraham's role in the process of relinquishing his children. We will then explore how the book of Job plays on themes from both of these disturbing stories.


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