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Alana Joblin Ain

Alana Joblin Ain moved to NYC after graduating Oberlin College. She worked for several years at United Jewish Communities, before earning an MFA in poetry at Hunter College, where she currently teaches creative writing and literature. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Quarterly West, Crab Orchard Review, and RealPoetik. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Daniel Ain, a rabbi.

Crafting a Personal Theology

Dan Ain, Alana Joblin Ain

Text & Thought

What is God? Why do bad things happen? Why are we here? Central to the development of a meaningful spiritual life is the crafting of a personal understanding of God. In this writing worship, we will explore core theological principles and discuss how they correspond to our individual beliefs. Through the use of focused exercises, we will begin to articulate personal theologies via the written word.

Tradition and Text as Poetic Inspiration

Interactive, Text & Thought

How do modern poets re-envision something as ancient as the story of Creation? Or grapple with a subject as complex as the Akedah (the binding of Isaac)? We will look at the work of poets, who draw inspiration from our oldest stories, and infuse them with contemporary meaning.

The Personal Narrative post Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Interactive, Text & Thought

Has writing your own story become increasing challenging since your bar or bat mitzvah speech? Looking at the work of Jewish writers, we will discuss how, as adults, we approach creative nonfiction, drawing on our own life experience to produce meaningful narratives.


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