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Elana Weinberg

Telephone: 212 7498745

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Elana Weinberg uses papercutting, micrography and calligraphy in the creation of her Judaica. Her work has been exhibited in shows across the US and Israel, winning awards for her ketubot (marriage contracts) and designs. In addition to being featured in many publications, one of her pieces was presented to President Bill Clinton for his work on behalf of Israel, and another piece was commissioned for Rudolph Giuliani on the occasion of his becoming mayor of New York. Elana teaches and works as an artist in New York City.

Judaic Papercutting Workshop

Arts & Performance, How-To

The art of papercutting has been adopted by Jewish craftspeople since medieval times. This art form is used to enhance Judaic art from ketubot (marriage contracts) to sukkah decorations. This workshop will take a look at a number of samples of Jewish papercutting. Then, you will have an opportunity to learn the basics of the craft! This is a hands-on workshop, and each participant will learn how to design and execute a papercut of their own. Come prepared to work!


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