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Carl Gussin

Carl Gussin has been a principal of Jewish supplementary schools and a public school social studies teacher for over thirty years. During that time he also served as a youth director and was indeed a teller of tales in classrooms and at youth conventions. Carl recently served as an adjunct professor at Touro College teaching a graduate course in teaching social studies through the arts. A good segment of that class revolved around storytelling as a marvelous technique for teachers to use.

Storytelling Workshop

The Art of Telling a Good Story

Arts & Performance, How-To

The workshop will present a number of Jewish stories—including how to tell them or read them well, and how to "sell" the story to the audience. We will look at ways to use Jewish stories within the classroom or youth program setting. Learn how to plumb the stories for values, how to use them as motivational tools, and how to have kids (and adults) think about the stories and what they mean—inside and outside the box. Attendees will leave with a bibliography of stories and places to find others.

Storytelling with Carl

Arts & Performance

Stories gathered from long ago, from near and far, and from just yesterday make Carl Gussin a teaching teller of tales. With your permission—all you need to do is sit back and listen—he will tell you a story for any occasion and a lesson for life. His brand of storytelling captures the attention of audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


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