2010 Conference
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Shabbat at Limmud NY


Shira Ben Sasson-Furstenberg

Shatil- New Israel Fund

Shira has been the Jewish Pluralism Project Coordinator at Shatil (the New Israel Fund's empowerment and training center for NGO's in Israel) since 2005. Born and raised in a liberal Orthodox home in Jerusalem, Shira was an officer in the IDF. Prior to joining Shatil, she worked for 5 years in the Knesset Research and Information Center. She is married to Yair, currently a Tikva fellow at Princeton.

Religious Pluralism in Israeli Society

Obstacles, Challenges, Achievements

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

Is there more than one way of being Jewish in Israel? A look at the obstacles, challenges and achievements of pluralistic NGOs in their struggle to build alternative Jewish identities and further the quest for freedom of and from religion in Israel. Specific topics will include legislation, efforts to develop rituals for civil marriage and burial, the conversion crisis, and funding for non-Orthodox, separate bus lines.

Four Houses and a Bus

Religion and Feminism in Israel

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

We will focus on the struggle against the exclusion of women from the "four houses"—Beit HaMidrash (house of study), Beit HaKnesset (house of prayer), Beit HaDin (house of lawgiving), and even the family home itself. We will discuss recent incremental yet exciting achievements, the harbingers of the pluralistic feminist revolution ahead.

Israel at the Dawn of a New Decade

A Panel Discussion

Shira Ben Sasson-Furstenberg, Marc Rosenberg, Moshe Shapoff, Miri Talmon Bohm


Come visit your old friend Israel through the eyes of Israelis from diverse backgrounds. Hear first hand what's happening now in Israel - and what you may find to be unexpected, unprecedented, unusual, inspiring, or new and different. The panelists will also share their hopes for Israel future - in the immediate and long-term. A short Q&A session will take place at the end of the session.

The Journey from Modern to Progressive Orthodoxy

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive, Israel

An open discussion on our identity, our "red lines" and borders. Which goals do we wish to achieve as an Orthodox community and as individuals? Did you have a hard time choosing a denomination on Limmud NY's registration form? Do you have an opinion about the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem? How about egalitarian tefillah (prayer)? Can Progressive Orthodox Jews from the U.S. and Israel come together to promote shared values? Come share your thoughts and learn from others.


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