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Adin Steinsaltz

Internationally regarded as a leading Jewish scholar and thinker, Adin Steinsaltz is about to complete his monumental 45 volume translation and commentary on the Talmud. He has published over 60 books on Jewish thought and is the founder of the Mekor Chaim school network in Jerusalem and the Institute for Jewish Studies in the former Soviet Union. He was hailed by Time magazine as a “once-in-a-millennium scholar” and in 1988, Steinsaltz was awarded the Israel Prize, Israel’s highest honor.

The Talmud: An Introduction

Text & Thought

Few scholars of the last millennium have had a knowledge of the Talmud as broad and deep as that of Adin Steinsaltz, whose seminal translation and commentary on the entire Babylonian Talmud will be completed in November 2010. Join Adin Steinsaltz as he examines the Talmud, its nature, the myths that have sprung up around it, and its role in the development of the psyche of the Jewish people.

Learn Talmud with Adin Steinsaltz

Text & Thought

It is not since the illustrious sage Rashi (b.1040) that one single individual has written a comprehensive commentary on the entire Talmud. But in our generation, Adin Steinsaltz of Jerusalem has done just that. In 2010, in cities around the world, groups of Jews will be celebrating the completion of Steinsaltz’s masterpiece, "The Talmud—The Steinsaltz Edition," described by many as a true work of genius. In this session, join Steinsaltz himself, as he offers a look into a passage from the Talmud. No previous background is necessary. The texts will be in English. Do not miss this rare opportunity.

Adin Steinsaltz: An Open Conversation

Moderated by Arthur Kurzweil

Arthur Kurzweil, Adin Steinsaltz


Adin Steinsaltz is one of the leaders of our generation. Through his network of exceptional schools in Israel, his many programs in the former Soviet Union, his commentary on the Talmud as well as his many books of Kabbalah (mysticism), Jewish thought, practice and life, Steinsaltz is one of the most influential Jewish teachers today. Join Steinsaltz for a moderated question-and-answer session, where he will entertain questions on a wide variety of subjects and topics.

An Angel on My Right: Can It Be?

Ritual & Prayer, Text & Thought

“In the name of the Lord, God of Israel: May Michael be at my right, Gabriel at my left, Uriel before me, and Raphael behind me; and above my head the Presence of God.” These words recited in the final moments before sleep proclaim a belief in angelic intermediaries to God. Join Adin Steinsaltz as he delves into this powerful passage and its meaning and relevance to our lives.


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