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Ellen Alt


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Ellen Alt exhibits her mixed media artwork in the U.S, Israel, Germany, Russia, China and UK. She also organizes community sculpture and murals throughout the world. She is the artist-in-residence at the Park Avenue Synagogue, teaches art courses to adults at the 92nd St. Y and is the art teacher in the Solomon Schechter School in Manhattan.

Community Tree: Middle School

Building the Tree, Packing the Trunk

Children & Families, Interactive

Limmud NY middle schoolers will create the basic structure of the community tree for Camp Limmud's sessions to build upon. They will use various craft materials, including wire, to build the tree.

Community Tree: Anafim (Branches)

Branching Out (Kindergarten through Second Graders)

Children & Families, Interactive

Children in grades K–2 will make and decorate branches for the community tree. They will use wire mesh, tissue paper, construction paper, glue, ribbons, and yarn to create their branches.

Community Tree: Alim (Leaves)

Leaf Me Alone (Third through Fifth Graders)

Children & Families, Interactive

Children in grades 3–5 will make leaves for the community tree. They will use construction paper, crayons, and paint to create their leaves, and then hang them from the tree.

Community Tree: Shorashim (Roots)

Rooting Around (Three and Four Year Olds)

Children & Families, Interactive

Children ages 3–4 will make the roots of the community tree using pipe cleaners and other sculptural elements.

Community Art: Concrete Sculpture and Murals

Arts & Performance, Interactive, Israel

Ellen Alt facilitates community art projects throughout the world. She uses art and the creative process to work with groups of people to improve their physical spaces and also to foster tolerance between adversarial groups. While living in Israel, she organized projects between Jewish and Arab residents. Her most recent project was a mural in a special education school in Chennai, India. Come see this visual presentation of her artwork.


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