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Carlos Zarur

Carlos Zarur is an adjunct Professor in Anthropology and Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He holds Masters Degrees in Jewish Studies in the areas of Western and Eastern Sephardic Studies, Customs and Culture of Mizrahi (Oriental or Eastern) Jewries, Peripheral Jewish Communities, Crypto-Jewish Studies and Marrano-Converso Phenomena among others. Carlos has participed in two documentaries about the Crypto-Jews in Brazil, and he is an independent researcher of the subject. Involved with Jewish Identity issues in Brazil, as Sephardic/Mizrahi Jew, one of his main goals is the dissemination and teaching of these rich Jewish Cultures.

Crypto Jews, Marranos, Conversos, Anusim

The Forgotten Sephardic Jews

Global History & Culture, Identity & Responsibility

Come and explore the history of those known as Crypto-Jews, the often forgotten Sephardic Jews. Help ensure that they will be forgotten no longer. Learn about their struggle to return to the Jewish faith, the rejection of the Rabbinical authorities, and the halachic (Jewish legal) perspective of the phenomenon.

Intersections of Jewishness

How do our identities shape the way we interact with others?

Dasee Berkowitz, Aliza Hausman, Abbie Yamamoto, Carlos Zarur

Global History & Culture, Interactive

This panel brings together three Jews with varying profiles: a Dominican-American Jew; a Latin American Mizrahi-Sephardic Jew; and a Japanese-Askhenazi Jew. What are our commonalities and differences? Using the stories of the panelists as a spring board, we will launch into our stories and experiences about being Jewish, how we identify as Jews, and how that relates to our lives, with a focus on how our Jewish identities effect inter-cultural and inter-ethnic experiences.

The Hidden Star

A Film About The Passionate Stories of Crypto-Jews in Brazil

Film, Identity & Responsibility

This documentary chronicles Brazil's Jewish past and the fascinating stories of descendants of the Marranos-Conversos-New Christians. They were forced to convert to Christianity and were persecuted during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. Despite publicly practicing Catholicism, they still maintained Jewish customs, traditions, and beliefs in secret. The film chronicles their battle to be recognized as full Jews in the mainstream Jewish community.

Jews of India

The History of Four Communities

Global History & Culture, Identity & Responsibility

The amazing world of the Indian Jewry is composed of four different communities, each with different origins, backgrounds, and folklore. We will discuss their origins, customs, and beliefs, how the communities interact each other, and where they are now. Our discussion will include: The Bene Israel, who are part of the lost tribes, and their path to be recognized as full Jews; Paradeshi Jews, a mix of Sephardic Jews, Middle East Jews, and converted slaves; The Black Jews, a faction of the Paradeshi Jews, but older than them in Hindu lands; and, Bagdadi Jews, whose origin is mostly in Iraq, but also traces to Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Turkey.


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