2010 Conference
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Miri Talmon Bohm

Schusterman Visiting Professor for Israel Studies, University of Wisconsin Madison

Telephone: 608-890-3368

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Miri Talmon Bohm is a scholar of Israeli culture, cinema, media and literature, teaching with the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison as a Schusterman Visiting Professor for Israel Studies. Her PhD was awarded by the Hebrew University. She has lectured at Israeli universities including The Open University of Israel, Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Haifa University.

A Cultural Study of Israel

What Films Can Tell Us

Film, How-To, Israel

This session offers a methodological discussion of how teaching and learning about Israel can be mediated by film and other media productions in an optimal and balanced way. Those who teach about Israel, film buffs, and those who want to know more by experiencing Israeli film and media productions in theaters, film festivals, and in the classroom will enjoy this session.

Israel at the Dawn of a New Decade

A Panel Discussion

Shira Ben Sasson-Furstenberg, Marc Rosenberg, Moshe Shapoff, Miri Talmon Bohm


Come visit your old friend Israel through the eyes of Israelis from diverse backgrounds. Hear first hand what's happening now in Israel - and what you may find to be unexpected, unprecedented, unusual, inspiring, or new and different. The panelists will also share their hopes for Israel future - in the immediate and long-term. A short Q&A session will take place at the end of the session.

The Holocaust and Israeli Consciousness

A Cinematic Perspective

Film, Israel

This session traces fundamental contradictions in Israeli-Jewish collective consciousness which link national anxieties and militant attitudes to the trauma of the Holocaust. We will explore this theme as articulated in Israeli films through images of potent masculine fighters and terror victims, through the relationship between the Israeli native Sabra and the Diaspora Jew/Holocaust survivor, and through attitudes to war, terror, and Germany.


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