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Uzi Dayan


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Uzi Dayan was born in Israel in 1948. He is the former Deputy Chief of the Israel Defense Forces and Israel’s National Security Adviser. He is President of the Israel-Sderot Conference on Socio-Economic Issues and chairman of a political movement - Tafnit. He holds a B.Sc. in mathematics and physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and M.Sc. in operations research from Stanford University. Uzi Dayan is married to Tamar Dayan (a professor and zoologist). They have three children.


A Model Leader For All Seasons

Israel, Torah & Text

Moses was the leader who built the basis of Nation-Torah-Eretz (land of Israel). What can we learn from that ultimate leadership with respect to the present crisis of leadership in Israel?

The Missing Link

The Cultural Identity of the Israeli Living in the Diaspora

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

Most Israelis define themselves as “first Jewish and then Israeli”. Yet most Israelis living abroad are not part of any Jewish community and tend to form their own communities. Explore this paradox through discussion of the cultural identity of Israelis, national identity of the Jewish-democratic state, and the interrelations between Israel and the Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

Education and the Blue and White

The Neglected Flag

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

In the 1950's Moshe Dayan said, “Israel can raise only one flag and we have to choose.” On Israel`s 60th anniversary, Uzi Dayan argues that Israel can and must raise two flags - education is no less important than security! Aflip chart will be used during this session.

Between Sderot and Teheran:

Israel's Security in 2009


What is the greatest threat to Isreal's security in 2009? Come hear about findings and conclusions of the national security assessment from the former National Security Advisor to Prime Ministers Barak and Sharon.


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