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Steven M. Cohen


Steven M. Cohen is Research Professor of Jewish Social Policy at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and Director of the Florence G. Heller/JCC Association Research Center. With Arnold Eisen, he wrote The Jew Within, and with Charles Liebman, he wrote Two Worlds of Judaism: The Israeli and American Experiences. He made aliyah to Israel in 1992. He and his wife, Marion Lev Cohen, live in Jerusalem and NY. He is the father of Edeet and Adam.

Jews Under 40: Alienated, Bored, Coerced, and Divided

Emerging Identites & New Forms of Endeavor

Identity & Responsibility

American Jews between the ages of 25 and 39 have embarked on a range of innovation in the realms of learning, social justice, new media, culture, and spiritual communities. In part they are spurred by alienation from the ethos of their elders, and in part by growth in Jewish education and changing patterns of marriage and child-bearing. We will explore the nature and reasons for this recent efflorescence of both individual and collective Jewish creativity.

Intermarriage: What do we say? What do we do?

How to Welcome Intermarried and Increase In-Marriage

Identity & Responsibility

Intermarriage continues to shape our demographic, religious, cultural & identity contours. Some startling observations: Only 1 grandchild in 8 of mixed couples identifies as a Jew. In two generations, the Orthodox population is doubling, and the non-Orthodox population is "halving." Conservative numbers have dropped, and the number of Reform Jews has been sliding. Outreach is a good and necessary response, but not enough. We need to re-think what to say, and what to do.


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