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Mark Novak

Stories & Songs From The Jewish Tradition

Telephone: 202-362-3270

Email: show

Mark Novak is a hazzan (prayer leader), musician, performer, and student in the ALEPH rabbinical program. He began his musical career as a child, singing with a professional Jewish choir in the Catskills and appearing on Broadway in the musical Oliver. Together with his wife, storyteller/juggler Renee Brachfeld, Mark has presented at more than 110 Scholar in Residence weekends at synagogues throughout the US, leading services and facilitating at performances and workshops for both adults and families. They recently returned from a tremendously successful LimmudFest in England.

We Are The Stories We Tell

Jewish Storytelling Workshop for Adults

Renee Brachfeld, Mark Novak

Arts & Performance, How-To

How do you bring a written story to life? Come explore the world of Jewish folk tales in a fun, fast-paced, storytelling workshop. Great for teachers, rabbis, parents, and anyone who wants to keep and hold the attention of a crowd (or just have a good time with us for a while).

Renewal-Style Shabbat Morning Service with Torah Reading

Ritual & Prayer

Parshat Shmot and Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday - a perfect intersection of freedom and promise. Join us for a joyous Shabbat morning combining reflection, song, liturgy, story, chant, and maybe even a little dancing There will be mixed gender seating, and musical instruments will be used.

Camp Limmud NY--Alim

Renee Brachfeld, Mark Novak

Camp Limmud session. Please see the Camp Limmud program for details.

Back to the Catskills 2009

Limmud NY's Sunday Night Variety Show

Matt Bar, Renee Brachfeld, Tamar Eisenman, Mark Novak, Yale Strom

Come one, come all to Limmud NY's Sunday night big event. Back to the Catskills - Limmud NY's Sunday Night variety show will feature a cavalcade of talent from Limmud NY's 2009 amazing and talented presenters. You don't want to miss this chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy this new show!

Honey from the Rock

Stories & Songs from the Jewish Tradition

Renee Brachfeld, Mark Novak

Arts & Performance

Rollicking, touching, soulful, thought provoking, and often funny - celebrate the warmth and richness of Jewish culture through folktales and contemporary stories woven together with a musical thread (and amazing juggling feats!).

Baruch Atah...Blessed Are You

Ritual & Prayer, Torah & Text

“Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheynu Melech haOlam” is the traditional path which leads us into every blessing. Each time we make a bracha (blessing), we are engaged in the practice of mindfulness. Come explore “the path of blessing” and develop a deeper understanding of this ancient vocabulary. If possible, please BYOS (Bring Your Own Siddur)


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