Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM

FILM: Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean

Curt Fissel

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Huntington Beach I & II

Additional schedule

  • Sunday 12:00 PM–1:15 PM Huntington Beach I & II
Living in the lingering wake of the Idi Amin regime of terror and intolerance, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Ugandan coffee farmers challenged historical and economic hurdles by forming the "Delicious Peace" Cooperative. Their mission was to build harmonious relationships and economic development, and they are succeeding. Partnering with a Fair Trade US roaster, the farmers' standard of living is improving, peace is flourishing, and their messages of peace and fair wages are spreading to their coffee customers in the US. (40 min) The film is followed by a discussion with filmmakers Ellen Friedland and Curt Fissel.

Finding Barb, The Dramedy: Write Your Own Story for the Stage!

Barbara Heller

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Balboa Bay I, II

"Finding Barb" is an original one-woman dramedy that will keep you laughing and touch your heart. Join Barb as she plays multiple characters from her adventures of finding love and her spiritual path within Judaism. Then, join in a brainstorming session about how to start your own one-person show.

From Israeli Cottage Cheese to Wall Street

Elay Oren

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Emerald Bay III

No one imagined that a demonstration against the rising price of a dairy product in Israel would lead to Israel's biggest protest. One could argue that there were no leaders of the protest, and that the youth movements played a big role in the events. We will discuss what led to “The Tent Protest,” what it was about and what Judaism has to say about it. We will look at American Jewish history to examine the connection between the Occupy movement and the recent protests around the world.

Israel Forum: Hot-Button Issues Facing the Zionist Dream

Zvi Block, Ruth Broyde Sharone, Jonathan Jacoby, Kenneth Kaufman, Daryl Temkin

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Catalina II

In a lively exchange of ideas and opinions, a distinguished panel discusses some of the most pressing issues facing Israel today and offers insights on how we can discuss and respond to them. The forum highlights varying approaches, to provoke analysis of strong and weak points in the diverse perspectives, and to encourage consideration of ways to reconcile the differences. The format welcomes participation from the audience, challenges people to think beyond their own framework and positions, and aims to provide a model for constructive community discourse. Potential issues to be discussed include land for peace; prisoner swaps; settlement towns, disengagement, and expulsion; balancing ethnic, religious, gender and political rights and tolerance; human rights and social-class disparity; and the religious and secular division.

Jewish Chronicles: Stories in Song

Daniel Cainer

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Emerald Bay I

A collection of stories in song that has sold out shows in Edinburgh, London, New York, and Australia. Full of wry humour and intelligence. True tales of feuding tailors, a Jewess who elopes with the leader of a Christian cult, a coke-dealing rabbi, and the hilarious, adulterous adventures of his own parents. NOTE: This session contains adult themes and is not suitable for children.

LimmudLA Talks

Will Deutsch, Andrew Hahn, Jodie Mendelson, Russel Neiss, Monica Piper

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Catalina I

LimmudLA Talks feature a whirlwind of four TED-style talks from some of the most interesting, celebrating and dynamic presenters at this year's LimmudLA Conference. As one of the final learning opportunities at the LimmudLA 2012 Conference, you will not want to miss this. So come for the show, stay for the insights and bring your questions for what will truly be a compelling Q & A.

A Prayerful Heart

Scott Perlo

Sunday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Emerald Bay II

Somehow or another, today’s prayer isn’t what it used to be. Prayer was created to give voice to our truest emotions, our deepest needs. But so many feel alienated from prayer, and feel that they cannot connect to this most human of experiences. Spend some time singing, learning, and sharing, and experience a prayerful heart.