Saturday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM

An Evening of Hip Hop With Y-Love and DJ Diwon: Soundtrack to Social Progression

Yitz (Y-Love) Jordan, Erez (aka Diwon) Safar

Saturday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Catalina I

"Crossover success." "The soundtrack to social progression." "Undeniably one of the decade's most dynamic artists." Y-Love has made a name for himself as a hip-hop artist, multicultural educator, conflict resolver, fashionista, activist for social change, and political pundit. Weaving seamless polyglot rhymes in English, Aramaic, Arabic, Yiddish, and Hebrew, Y-Love breathes new life into hip-hop, one beat at a time. Y-Love will be joined on stage by DJ Diwon. Join them in "Spreading the Love" at LimmudLA!!

FILM: Restoration

Saturday 10:30 PM–Sunday 12:15 AM Huntington Beach I & II

This film, highlighting a triangle of fatherhood ties and a triangle of love, was nominated for 11 Israeli Academy Awards. Seventy-year-old Yaakov Fidelman (Sasson Gabai, The Band's Visit) hangs on with all his might to the antique restoration workshop which has been his life's work. After his long-time business partner passes away, Fidelman rejects his son Noah's idea to close the business and build an apartment complex on the site. He believes that with the help of his new apprentice Anton, he'll find a way to save his workshop, his world and his solitary way of life. When Anton falls in love with Hava, Noah's pregnant wife, the two young men compete not only over a father, but also over a woman and the baby she carries. Will the old man understand that his only hope for redemption is to learn to let go, admit and accept his weaknesses and the dictate of time? (105 min) (NOTE: This session continues into the next timeslot.)

Finding Spirit Through Words

Lynne Kern

Saturday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Newport Beach II

Speech is a mind song. Prayer is a heart song. Words are the song of the spirit. Whether you are a writer or not, here is an opportunity to peek inside your soul and capture some of that energy on paper. Using prompts from the tradition, we'll write, muse, and discuss the sparks that fly from our souls. This is a great opportunity to find your own spiritual voiced and create the midrash of your life. (Bring pad and pen.)

The Mystery of the Birds' Head Haggadah

Marc Michael Epstein

Saturday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Newport Beach III

One of the most mysterious legacies of the Jewish Middle Ages is a haggadah, created in Franco-Germany around 1300 and now in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, in which the heads of most of the human figures are replaced with the countenances of what appear to be sharp-beaked and sharp-eyed birds. What is the meaning of this bizarre manuscript? A fascinating journey into the relationship between religion, art, and politics at a crucial juncture in Jewish history.