Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM

FILM: The Secret: Poland's New Jews

Konstanty Gebert

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Huntington Beach I & II

Through accidental discovery or deathbed confessions, many Catholic Polish citizens have made an unsettling discovery: they were born Jewish. These "new Jews" must decide what this new truth means to them, as Poles and as Jews. Officials estimate an astounding 20,000 such cases in Poland alone. With their Jewishness repressed and repudiated for decades by their parents, these children grew into adulthood under Communist rule knowing nothing of their heritage. Often, this unsettling news came as a result of a family crisis or life-cycle event, heightening the familial and personal drama experienced by these new Jews who find even their most intimate relationships tested. Many became estranged from their disapproving families after making the decision to practice Jewish customs and rituals. These personal stories unfold in the context of Polish-Jewish history and as a direct legacy of the Holocaust. (52 min)

God Is Not Righteous and the Torah Is Not Moral

Nathan Lopes Cardozo

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Balboa Bay I, II

We still believe in a good God while earthquakes happen and diseases kill millions. We still believe in the divinity of Torah when its laws clash with our moral sensibilities. Join us for a whole new approach.

Islamofascism or Islamophobia: A Quantitative Look

Greg Davidson

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Emerald Bay III

As Abraham argued at Sodom (Genesis 18:24-32), justice demands quantification. The question of whether Islam promotes killing is hotly debated within the Jewish community. If we judge wrongly, or if we refuse to engage in the ongoing discussion, we risk either ignoring an existential threat or the unjust demonization of 1.5 billion people. Recognizing the strong feelings on this issue, we will share quantitative data from multiple sources that may help each of us reach a more just determination.

Jewish Kirtan Concert

Andrew Hahn

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Catalina I

Bring your voices, open hearts, and dancing socks to a unique concert experience where YOU are the performers! Hebrew Kirtan -- inspired by a form of devotional prayer developed in India -- is a continual call-and-response, fully participatory chant where short, sacred phrases from the Jewish tradition are treated as powerful, universal meditations. It is at once contemplative, ecstatic, and simply fun. There is no need to know Hebrew to enjoy this activity fully.

Judeo-Spanish Endangerment and Revitalization

Bryan Kirschen

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Newport Beach III

Judeo-Spanish (Ladino), the language of the Sephardim, has developed over the centuries since the Jewish expulsions from the Iberian Peninsula. What may be considered to have become an endangered language, however, is experiencing continuous revitalization efforts. While Judeo-Spanish will be the primary language explored, this session serves to engage in dialogue about similar paths of Jewish languages both historically and in contemporary times.

Kumzitz and Campfire Sing-A-Long With Camp Gilboa

Camp Gilboa

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Bristol III

We'll have guitars, drums, our voices and whatever instruments you bring. We're gonna have a great time making sweet Jewish music. We'll bring our own book of Jewish and Israeli songs, but if you have any favorites, just let us know.

Marrying Late or Never: Jewish Permutations

Karra Greenberg

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Laguna Beach I

American Jews are no exception to the Second Demographic Transition -- the phenomenon in which individuals around the world are marrying later in life, increasingly not marrying, and having fewer children. In fact, demographers note that American Jews are leading some of these trends. However, research to date has not explored why this is so, or how it particularly effects our lives as Jews. Learn about ongoing research efforts to explore this issue and share your insights.

Moishe House: Investigating the Global Jewish Landscape for Young Jews

David Cygielman

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Emerald Bay II

We are fortunate in Moishe House to have 17 houses outside of the United States. Jewish life is different in each country and even more in each continent. We will explore what Jewish life is like on the ground in cities such as Moscow, Cape Town, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Warsaw. See first-hand the photos and stories of young Jewish adults creating their own communities throughout the world.

What's So Special About Being Chosen?

Gabriel Kachuck

Saturday 7:30 PM–8:45 PM Laguna Beach III

In the covenant with Abraham, God makes it clear that we were chosen to be part of a special connection to the divine. As modern-day Jews, we avoid this chosen-ness for the sake of surviving in an assimilated world where we are surrounded by others. How can you create relationships –- formal, business, and casual –- if you believe that you are chosen and others are not? In this session, we will confront this idea, with help from modern- and past-day thinkers and a Jewish teen.