Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM

Are You Moral?

Maya Rosenman

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Newport Beach III

In this session, we will discuss a couple of moral dilemmas in small groups and then come back together as a group to discuss whether we really are moral.

Finders Keepers? The Mishnah and the Lottery Ticket

Jessie Mallor

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Emerald Bay II

As kids, we all learn "finders keepers"! But is that really the case? In this workshop, participants will study a short section of Jewish law that focuses on the return of lost property, and will then take the learning to a new level as we engage in a case study of a real-life court case centering around a public trashcan, a stack of lottery tickets, and a million dollars. Whatever your learning background, you are happily invited to take part in this innovative, experiential workshop.

The Hidden Meaning of the Seder

Cherie Koller-Fox

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Laguna Beach I

The Passover Seder is the most brilliant curriculum ever devised; the Rabbis had a revolutionary thought that saved our religion from extinction. We will look at the key to the hidden meaning of the Seder, which lies at the beginning, in a small piece of Matzah that has a lot of different meanings to us as Jews (Ha Lachma Anya and the hidden Afikoman), and at the end, with the poem (Hasal Siddur Pesach) that concludes the Seder.

Missionary Impossible: The Jewish Response to Missionaries

Bentzion Kravitz

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Catalina II

Each year, deceptive and manipulative missionary groups like Jews for Jesus spend millions of dollars targeting Jews for conversion. More than 275,000 Jews have already succumbed to their efforts. This dynamic program outlines missionary tactics, differences between Judaism and Christianity, and provides the tools and knowledge you need to respond confidently to anyone who challenges your faith.

OK, Let's Argue: Understanding the Other Side of Controversies in the Jewish Community

Kenneth Kaufman

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Emerald Bay III

Everyone knows Judaism has a rich tradition of debate. How do we view and treat opposing viewpoints? What limits do we place on our openness to divergent opinions? What defines a perspective as Jewish? What value do we as a people gain by acknowledging and incorporating diversity and variety? In a lively, open forum with lots of back and forth, this session will encourage listening to the other side and seeking ways of working well together despite our differences and as a result of understanding each other, even when we don't agree. Topics can include submissions from participants. Examples: Who is a Jew?; Abortion; Euthanasia; Land for Peace; Aguna; Minyan; Women Rabbis; Mechitza; Definition of Marriage; Intermarriage and Assimilation; Authority in Judaism.

Tikun Habayit: Greening Your Living Space

Dav Camras

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Huntington Beach I & II

Did you know that buildings in California account for 23% of greenhouse gas emissions? This session will explore Tikkun Olam from the homeowner’s perspective, examining some classical texts on environmental Jewish ethics while enumerating various practical techniques on how you can lessen your carbon footprint, save energy and even save money. And, with "Energy Upgrade California" beginning, homeowners can receive up to $8000 in rebates from SC Edison/SC Gas and LA County for these improvements.

A Two-Legged Tripod: World Jewry Today

Konstanty Gebert

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Emerald Bay I

European Jewry, which hoped to become the third leg alongside Israel and the American diaspora, has failed to materialize as a compact social, cultural, or political entity. Most of the Jewish rebirth in formerly Communist East Central Europe was supported by US Jewish organizations, especially the Lauder and Taube foundations. This session will explore the long-term impact on the future of the diaspora.

We Make It Better: LGBTQ Activism

Kalil Cohen

Saturday 1:30 PM–2:45 PM Laguna Beach III

Learn how your community can become a place that is welcoming to Jews of all genders and sexual orientations. Find out about new rituals developed to mark queer life cycle events, and how to create more inclusive language for your organization. From changing your forms to broadening your programming, find out what others are doing in LA and worldwide to create fully inclusive Jewish communities. Share your successful strategies and learn from others in this engaging and interactive session.