Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM

Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge

Avi Havivi

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Emerald Bay I

Like many of the Torah's stories, the story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge is narrated in a succinct style that tells us little about the characters' motivations and feelings. And, what is "The Knowledge of Good and Evil" anyway? We will explore these issues by looking at classical rabbinic midrash, the medieval commentaries, and contemporary poetry.

Difficult Modernity: Jews in Interwar Poland

Konstanty Gebert

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Emerald Bay II

Social change in the late 19th century produced parallel reactions among Poles and Jews. As vast masses of newly freed peasants and poor Jews moved to the rapidly industrializing cities, different political currents competed for their allegiance -- from religious through nationalist to political, left and right. We will look at how the re-emergence of an independent Poland in the aftermath of World War I affected the Jewish community and their social, religious, and political views.

Fear and the Amygdala: Using the Shema to Transcend the Reptilian Brain

Andrew Hahn

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Catalina I

By means of gentle, easy movements and breathing exercises derived from Tai Chi & Chi Gung, we will learn concrete, repeatable tools that uncover how the Shema intentionally moves us to higher consciousness and encourages us to evolve. The session includes a brief text study in accord with the theme and is done standing or sitting on chairs. This session is not suitable for children.

Is Zealotry Kosher?

Zvi Hirschfield

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Balboa Bay I

An examination of two leading Biblical zealots, Eliyahu and Pinchas, and how these figures are treated in Midrash and commentaries reveals how Jewish thinkers struggled with both appreciation and fear of extreme passion. We will also explore how this theme is relevant in Jewish life today.

Living on the Edge: The Wild Side of 21st Century Jewish Life (For Teens Only)

Janelle Eagle, Jessie Mallor, Lonny Moses, Rori Picker Neiss

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Laguna Beach III

In the 21st century, what does it mean to challenge the status quo of Jewish life? This session, for Teens@LimmudLA participants only, will highlight the personal Jewish narratives and passions of Jews occupied with pushing the boundaries of Jewish life, practice, and community, and will encourage teens how to make a difference innovating and renewing Judaism.

Singles Mingle

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Fountain Terrace

Are you here on your own? Meet other single conference participants for a chance to socialize, discuss common interests, and explore what LimmudLA can offer you. Meet and form connections that will last the weekend...or a lifetime. What a great way to start your LimmudLA experience!

SOLOMON: King, Poet, & Lover (A One-Man Comic Play)

Marcus J Freed

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Emerald Bay III

SOLOMON is a one-man play written by Marcus J Freed & Dr Raphael Zarum. Seen in over 20 countries, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin described it as "smart, utterly original, and deeply insightful." When King Solomon receives a visit from a charismatic woman, his world is plunged into chaos and we join him on an unforgettable roller-coaster adventure. Join Marcus as he plays the King, 700 wives, 300 concubines, and court eunuch. There is a time for everything under the sun; now's the time to see this play... (NOTE: This performance has adult themes and may not be suitable for children.)

Spinoza, the Kotzker Rebbe, and I

Nathan Lopes Cardozo

Friday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Catalina II

Why was Spinoza's Ethics not given at Sinai? If the greatest Jewish philosopher met the Kotzker Rebbe, would he have said prayers while staying a holy atheist? Join us for a look at rebellion, heresy, and deliberate misreading.