Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM

Halachically Correct: How Does Jewish Law Work and Why Does It Matter?

Kenneth Kaufman

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Newport Beach III

What serves as the source of halacha, or Jewish law? How does halacha develop over time? How do we encounter modern questions that did not exist in ancient times while adhering to a set of principles and guidelines that originated long ago? When we see conflicting halachic opinions, how do we know which to follow? How can we tell the difference between an approach that falls within halachic boundaries and one that doesn't? What makes someone a halachic authority? What difference does halachic observance make in our individual and collective lives, and to the world as a whole? See the halachic process work through a specific question, with source material and different opinions, to its resolution and how we practice today.

Inclusion Program: Welcome

Sarah Bassin, Asher Gellis

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Laguna Beach III

Participants in the LimmudLA Inclusion program will discuss definitions of inclusion and equip ourselves with questions and tools for the weekend.

The Innovation Buzzword

David Cygielman

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Emerald Bay I

We hear the term all the time but what really is happening in the innovation eco-system? Is it building stronger Jewish life or hurting our existing institutions? Let's talk about some of the successes, failures and overall direction of innovation in the Jewish world.

Jewish Educator Meet-Up

Becca Farber, Zvi Hirschfield, Cherie Koller-Fox

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Fountain Terrace

Come hang out with other Jewish educators. It doesn't matter whether you are a formal, informal, experiential, recreational, or early educational educator. Share your war stories, passion for Jewish education, and meet new friends. Learn about great opportunities for educators year-round and around the globe.

Jews' Line is It Anyway? Improv for Jews

Esther Kustanowitz

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Balboa Bay II

What's so Jewish about basic improv comedy? When you've been exiled from as many countries as Jews have, adapting to your environment is a key skill: we take whatever resources we have and we improvise! This informal, participatory workshop introduces the basics of improvisational comedy within a Jewish community context -- suitable for Jews and Judeophiles of all ages, and no comedy experience required.

Kosher Sex, Kosher Adultery, and the Kosher Sutra

Shmuley Boteach

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Catalina II

NOTE: This session is for adults only. Come and discuss a revolutionary approach to intimacy, marriage, and personal relationships, drawing on traditional Jewish wisdom. Based on Shmuley's international best-selling books on love and intimacy, as well as his experience of counselling individuals and couples, we will break down sexual taboos and openly, yet respectfully, discuss the meanings, emotions, and hidden power of sexuality.

Saul at En-Dor

Everett Fox

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Balboa Bay I

The Bible’s premier ghost story, this short tale in I Samuel 28 unites a number of threads in the Saul cycle. It illuminates the character of Israel’s first king, and the Bible’s attitudes toward him. It also contains something of a surprise ending.

When a Family Member Becomes Orthodox

Sherri Mendelson

Friday 9:00 PM–10:15 PM Emerald Bay II

Presenters will discuss the dilemma for a Reform or Conservative family when a family member becomes Orthodox. Two real-life scenarios will be presented with a discussion on the choices that family members might make, and the background for the choices made in the two scenarios. Participate in a discussion on the meaning of these changes within families, as well as difficulties and potential rewards.