Friday 7:00 PM–8:45 PM

Shabbat Dinner

Friday 7:00 PM–8:45 PM Pacific Ballroom I, II, III, IV

Join your fellow Limmudniks for a warm, welcoming Shabbat dinner. Eat, schmooze, and enjoy your meal with friends, both new and old. If you hear singing, join in. If you don't, get something started! Whatever you do, celebrate our being together.

YAD: Welcome and Your Leadership Narrative

Yechiel Hoffman, Alisha Pedowitz, Eli Winkelman

Friday 8:30 PM–9:00 PM Emerald Bay III

Meet the other YADs and develop your Leadership Narratives with Alisha Pedowitz, YAD volunteer coordinator, and Eli Winkelman of Challah for Hunger. What, you don't know what a Leadership Narrative is? After this welcome session you will know yours and many of your colleague's as well.