Josh Feldman

Josh is the Associate Director of the Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists. Josh is passionate about the intersection of art and leadership development. As a leadership development professional Josh was most recently the Jeremiah Fellowship National Director for the Progressive Jewish Alliance. He is an alumnus of the Jeremiah Fellowship and Selah and was a 2011 member of the Selah National Leadership Team. He is a co-founder of East Side Jews. Josh grew up in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley. He attended college in Boston and graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Performance Studies and Media Production. Among the highlights of Josh’s education was learning under master puppeteer, Jon Bell.

Notes from the Tribe: A Hands-On Workshop and Presentation

Will Deutsch, Josh Feldman

This session -- part lecture, part storytelling, part stand-up comedy-- will look at how personal experiences and American Jewish art from the last century shaped an illustrator's practice. In addition, participants will enjoy a 'guided art making experience.' They will receive art materials and be prompted with a particular topic. These pieces will be used to spark conversation and may be presented in future issues of the 'Notes From The Tribe' quarterly periodical.