Asher Gellis

Asher Gellis is Executive Director of JQ International, which he co-launched while earning his MBA at Pepperdine and working in real estate trust management, in response to the lack of service offerings to GLBT Jews in the Los Angeles community. JQ creates Jewish programs and services that promote the fusion and healthy integration of Jewish and Queer identities, consults with Jewish institutions that seek to foster increased inclusion of the GLBT community and at-risk intervention services for GLBT Jewish youth. Previously, he worked for the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Los Angeles, and the Bureau of Jewish Education, and was the Regional Director of Hadassah Zionist Youth Commission’s Young Judaea programs for California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Inclusion Program: Welcome

Sarah Bassin, Asher Gellis

Participants in the LimmudLA Inclusion program will discuss definitions of inclusion and equip ourselves with questions and tools for the weekend.

Inclusion Program: Personal Narratives in the Jewish Community

Sarah Bassin, Asher Gellis

The LimmudLA Inclusion participants will share personal stories about experiences of inclusion and exclusion in the Jewish community. In identifying points of strength and weakness, we will also generate ideas for how to make inclusion central to the Jewish communal experience.

Inclusion in the Jewish Community: A Call to Action

As the Jewish world becomes even more diverse and fragmented, more and more Jews find themselves outside the mainstream. Hear from an amazing group of individuals who came to the LimmudLA Conference to be part of a program to address inclusion in the Los Angeles Jewish community. Come hear their stories and ideas for building a more inclusive Jewish community.