Curt Fissel

Curt Fissel began his career as a news cameraman with an NBC affiliate station, then moved to NJN (PBS) where he became Chief Photographer and Manager of News and Documentary Staff. Credits at NJN include cinematography, editing and producing on over 20 documentaries that garnered him the Cine Golden Eagle, NATAS nominations for Individual Achievement in Photography and Outstanding Historical Documentary, and an Associated Press Outstanding Documentary award. For the past 12 years, he has been working with Ellen Friedland, directing, photographing, and editing six documentaries for national PBS audiences and international events.

FILM: Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean

Living in the lingering wake of the Idi Amin regime of terror and intolerance, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Ugandan coffee farmers challenged historical and economic hurdles by forming the "Delicious Peace" Cooperative. Their mission was to build harmonious relationships and economic development, and they are succeeding. Partnering with a Fair Trade US roaster, the farmers' standard of living is improving, peace is flourishing, and their messages of peace and fair wages are spreading to their coffee customers in the US. (40 min) The film is followed by a discussion with filmmakers Ellen Friedland and Curt Fissel.