Jonathan Jacoby

Jonathan Jacoby is Senior Vice President, Programs for Jewish Life at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. He was Founding Director of the Israel Policy Forum and of New Israel Fund and has helped start and create innovative project in numerous Jewish and medical research organizations. He holds a Master's in Education from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Literature in Judaic Studies from the University of Judaism, and a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.

Israel Forum: Hot-Button Issues Facing the Zionist Dream

Zvi Block, Ruth Broyde Sharone, Jonathan Jacoby, Kenneth Kaufman, Daryl Temkin

In a lively exchange of ideas and opinions, a distinguished panel discusses some of the most pressing issues facing Israel today and offers insights on how we can discuss and respond to them. The forum highlights varying approaches, to provoke analysis of strong and weak points in the diverse perspectives, and to encourage consideration of ways to reconcile the differences. The format welcomes participation from the audience, challenges people to think beyond their own framework and positions, and aims to provide a model for constructive community discourse. Potential issues to be discussed include land for peace; prisoner swaps; settlement towns, disengagement, and expulsion; balancing ethnic, religious, gender and political rights and tolerance; human rights and social-class disparity; and the religious and secular division.