Aaron Abosch

Aaron Abosch is an 11th grader at New Community Jewish High School in West Hills. He is actively involved in TKI (Tehillah Kehillah Institute), the student-led Tefillah program. In the program, students study about tefillah and then use a variety of modalities (eg, yoga, meditation, discussion) to create spiritual, experiential services for the school and the community.

T'fillah Kehilah Institute: Students Designing and Leading T'fillot

Aaron Abosch, Andrew Gerson, Yonatan Rosner

Re-invigorate your prayer experience with the T'fillah Kehilah Institute (TKI), a student-led group that designs and executes new and exciting models of T'fillah. Music, meditation, art, and discussions are a few of the modalities being used in this engaging and spiritual process of community building. Accompanied by their teacher, the TKI students of New Community Jewish High School will walk you through the process of creating a personal T'fillah component for the community of LimmudLA.