Rori Picker Neiss

Rori Picker Neiss is a second-year student at Yeshivat Maharat. She has worked as the Acting Executive Director for Religions for Peace-USA, Program Coordinator at JOFA, and Assistant Director of Interreligious Affairs at AJC, and is co-editor of InterActive Faith: The Essential Interreligious Community-Building Handbook, a practical guide for embracing the growing religious pluralism in America.

Blood Sisters: Exploring Jewish and Muslim Menstruation Rituals

It should come as no surprise that Jewish women and Muslim women, distant cousins of one another, share many rituals surrounding menstruation. Yet so little has been discussed about these personal and private practices. Together, we will learn more about Jewish customs and Muslim customs during and around the menstrual cycle.

Living on the Edge: The Wild Side of 21st Century Jewish Life (For Teens Only)

Janelle Eagle, Jessie Mallor, Lonny Moses, Rori Picker Neiss

In the 21st century, what does it mean to challenge the status quo of Jewish life? This session, for Teens@LimmudLA participants only, will highlight the personal Jewish narratives and passions of Jews occupied with pushing the boundaries of Jewish life, practice, and community, and will encourage teens how to make a difference innovating and renewing Judaism.

Listening Exercises

When engaging in dialogue, we spend a lot of time thinking about what we are going to say, when, in truth, the most difficult thing to do is not to speak, but to listen. In this workshop we will learn, model, and practice various tools for listening.

YAD: Models of Jewish Leadership

Jason Ablin, Sara Brandes, Mike Comins, Alisha Pedowitz, Rori Picker Neiss

How's it going so far? What has challenged you and resonated with you about your LimmudLA Conference experience? In this session, we will learn from four top "Jewish leaders" participating in Conference, as they share their definitions and models of Jewish leadership. Every YAD will get the chance to study a model of leadership with one of the Jewish leaders. It can be the model that you agree with, the one that you want to learn more about, or the one you DISAGREE with and want to engage in dialogue with.

Elisha ben Avuyah: The Making of a Heretic

Elisha ben Avuyah was one of the greatest rabbis of the Mishnaic period, and yet his name has essentially been erased from the tradition. How does one of a generation's greatest sages become Judaism's most famous apostate? Join us as we study the few stories that have been preserved of Elisha ben Avuyah and attempt to understand the life and times of this controversial figure and, perhaps more importantly, explore how the rabbis grapple with questions of faith, community, and doubt.