Amir Magal

Amir Magal’s art is always one of fluid movement. With that intention clear in his heart and mind, he takes on myriad media to express that feeling. Through dance and martial arts, he can physically manifest that emotion; through music and drumming, an almost metaphysical reaction takes place. However, it is the visual medium, with a keen aptitude for photography, that really moves this individual towards his greatest work. The camera allows Amir to capture the movement and fluidity of just one critical moment, as it fleetingly passes by never to be seen again. Amir is an Israeli-born artist now living in Venice Beach who travels the world shooting photography and body painting people, seeing the tribe unite "one Mark at a time." To see some of Amir's professional work please visit and

Drum Circle

Learn drum circle etiquette as well as drumming patterns. This workshop will teach you how to use drumming as a method of meditation and how to express yourself with dance and chanting.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art dance. We will begin with warming up the body and exploring ranges of tribal movement in a group setting. Some drumming and singing will be introduced as well as movements such as cartwheels handstands and kicks. All levels welcome!