Will Deutsch

Notes from the Tribe

Will Deutsch studied art at UCLA and currently lives in Los Angeles obsessively making pictures. Had he been at all athletically inclined, his life may have gone a completely different direction, but, as it stands, his 5'7'' frame was suitable for mostly cerebral and cultural pursuits. In learning the alef-bet, Will found the difference between a chet and a final mem perplexing, but he likes the unpredictability of life, so he kept studying it.

Appetite for Disruption: Cocktails for Innovators

Joshua Avedon, Will Deutsch, Tera "Nova Jade* Greene, Esther Kustanowitz, Avram Mandell, Elai Shine, Laura Silver

Delightful. Diverse. Disruptive. This tribute to Jewish creativity, tradition and innovation features free-form schmoozing and fast-paced, entertaining multimedia presentations where connectors, innovators, educators, tech experts, creative thinkers, funders, media moguls, and enthusiastic consumers of Jewish content can all mingle. First 50 attendees get a free drink -- cash bar thereafter, snacks available throughout, courtesy of Jumpstart and the ROI community. Let the drinks, conversations and ideas flow! DJ beats provided by Bad/Wolf.

Notes from the Tribe: A Hands-On Workshop and Presentation

Will Deutsch, Josh Feldman

This session -- part lecture, part storytelling, part stand-up comedy-- will look at how personal experiences and American Jewish art from the last century shaped an illustrator's practice. In addition, participants will enjoy a 'guided art making experience.' They will receive art materials and be prompted with a particular topic. These pieces will be used to spark conversation and may be presented in future issues of the 'Notes From The Tribe' quarterly periodical.

LimmudLA Talks

Will Deutsch, Andrew Hahn, Jodie Mendelson, Russel Neiss, Monica Piper

LimmudLA Talks feature a whirlwind of four TED-style talks from some of the most interesting, celebrating and dynamic presenters at this year's LimmudLA Conference. As one of the final learning opportunities at the LimmudLA 2012 Conference, you will not want to miss this. So come for the show, stay for the insights and bring your questions for what will truly be a compelling Q & A.