Robyn Farber

Olam Jewish Montessori of Beth Jacob

Robyn Farber is a co-founder of Olam Jewish Montessori of Beth Jacob in Irvine. She is a parent of two graduates of the preschool program at Monarch Bay Montessori Academy. Before starting Olam, Robyn was a personal coach in private practice, and a human resources specialist at Nortel Networks. She has an MSc in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from the London School of Economics.

The 4-Letter Word Missing From Jewish Education

Robyn Farber, Daniel Petter-Lipstein, Sarah Waldhorn

The Jewish Montessori Society (JMS) believes that there is a four-letter word that we need to be using a lot more when we talk about and do Jewish Education. Hear from the co-founder of JMS and SoCal Jewish Montessorians who are making this vital 4-letter word kosher again every day for Jewish children in SoCal and around the world.