Marcus J Freed

Marcus J Freed is an actor, educator, and yogi. He trained at London's Webber Douglas Academy for Drama, holds degrees from University of Birmingham (BA) and University of London (MA), and has teaching certifications from Tripsichore Yoga & Purna Yoga. He has broadcasted for BBCRadio2, performed his Biblical comic plays in 15 countries, created the Kosher Sutras & the Jewish Yoga Network, and runs the corporate training company Freedthinking.

SOLOMON: King, Poet, & Lover (A One-Man Comic Play)

SOLOMON is a one-man play written by Marcus J Freed & Dr Raphael Zarum. Seen in over 20 countries, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin described it as "smart, utterly original, and deeply insightful." When King Solomon receives a visit from a charismatic woman, his world is plunged into chaos and we join him on an unforgettable roller-coaster adventure. Join Marcus as he plays the King, 700 wives, 300 concubines, and court eunuch. There is a time for everything under the sun; now's the time to see this play... (NOTE: This performance has adult themes and may not be suitable for children.)

Yoga: Shabbat Soulglow Sequence

Join Marcus for the Shabbat Soulglow Yoga Session. We'll go through a dynamic yoga session that will be focused around the idea of bracha/blessing. The Kabbalists teach that the Divine flow is all around, and when we make a blessing we open the 'pipeline' for the blessings to reach us. We'll focus on yoga postures that release tightness within our body, deepen our physical relaxation and open us to body-soul enlightenment.

Bibliyoga for the Heart & Soul, with Special Musical Guest

Join a Bibliyoga session that will stretch your body, mind, heart and soul. Bring yoga gear for a asana/vinyasa session that will take you on a deep yogic experience that looks into tuning our body and soul for the months ahead. The Bibliyoga approach infuses powerful Jewish wisdom into a yoga session that is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced yogi. We'll be joined by special musical guest: the Kirtan Rabbi!