Janelle Eagle

2wice Blessed Project

Janelle K. Eagle is the founder of the 2wice Blessed Project and works as an independent film producer in Los Angeles. As a Jewish Communal Professional, out LGBT activist, and passionate storyteller, Janelle's goal is to experience as much as possible and share the journey with anyone interested in being inspired and uplifted by stories that change hearts and minds. She likes marzipan. A lot.

Living on the Edge: The Wild Side of 21st Century Jewish Life (For Teens Only)

Janelle Eagle, Jessie Mallor, Lonny Moses, Rori Picker Neiss

In the 21st century, what does it mean to challenge the status quo of Jewish life? This session, for Teens@LimmudLA participants only, will highlight the personal Jewish narratives and passions of Jews occupied with pushing the boundaries of Jewish life, practice, and community, and will encourage teens how to make a difference innovating and renewing Judaism.

I Don't Want to Be Tolerated

Whoever decided that Jewish people deserve "tolerance" was not speaking for me. I don't want to be tolerated... I want to be celebrated. Join me, founder of the 2wice Blessed Project, and my LGBTQ Jewish friends as we share with you what would actually make us feel welcome in the broader Jewish community.

Filming Your 2wice Blessed Message

The 2wice Blessed Project was founded in 2011 to create a supportive touchstone for the LGBTQ Jewish community and the people who love them. In this online collection of stories, resources, and connection opportunities, 2wiceblessed.org is a new media project aimed at introducing role models and positive messages to some of our most vulnerable community members. Join us to record a video message of support to LGBTQ Jews who may feel ostracized and anything but "chosen." NOTE: This session is open through 4:30 PM.