Rhoda Kachuck


Rhoda Kachuck was a Professor of English at the University of La Verne, where she shared with students and community groups the joys of Yiddish language, literature, and song. As Camp Music and Drama Director, and as Jewish children's schools teacher/director, she witnessed the power of Yiddish to spark a love for Yiddishkayt. Key publications are on Sholom Aleichem's Humor in Translation and Shakespeare on the Yiddish Stage.

Yiddish Is Young! New Beginnings, New Prospects

Norm Kachuck, Rhoda Kachuck

Yiddish belongs at Limmud! It's relevant, as is the culture it continues to project. Recall its history, its speakers, its songs of social and political protest, young and old love, family, education, immigration, courage and heartache in times of oppression and triumph. Sing along to spirited piano rhythms and celebrate the growing numbers of new Yiddish learners in universities, grade schools, and orthodox communities. Help keep Yiddish young!