Everett Fox

Clark University

Everett Fox is Allen M. Glick Professor of Judaic and Biblical Studies at Clark University in Worcester, MA, where he also serves as the Director of the Program in Jewish Studies. He is the translator of The Five Books of Moses (Schocken Books, 1995), and Give Us a King! (Samuel) (1999), and is currently finishing his translation of The Early Prophets (Joshua-Kings). He has been active in adult Jewish education for many years, and has taught at Limmud in both Great Britain and Boston. He also served as a religious consultant for the animated DreamWorks film, The Prince of Egypt.

Saul at En-Dor

The Bible’s premier ghost story, this short tale in I Samuel 28 unites a number of threads in the Saul cycle. It illuminates the character of Israel’s first king, and the Bible’s attitudes toward him. It also contains something of a surprise ending.

The Samson Cycle

The last named hero in the book of Judges, Samson bizarrely leads no army and breaks all the rules. His story involves a disappearing angel, a lion, several women, and 300 foxes. How can we understand this strange character, whom Martin Buber called a "berserker"? What does his story have to do with Israel's?

The Changing Faces of David

The character in the Bible who occupies more space than any other human being, David is referenced throughout Jewish and Christian tradition as the Great King and the Sweet Singer of Israel. How did later interpreters, including some in our own time, change the biblical portrait to suit themselves? We will look at stories, commentaries, visual arts, and film clips.