Joshua Avedon


Joshua Avedon is co-founder of Jumpstart, a research and development laboratory for the Jewish future. He is a recognized leader in technology, viral communication, and community-building for emerging Jewish organizations. Joshua teaches, writes, and advocates around the globe for innovation within the Jewish community. He lives in Venice with his wife Stephanie and their 3 children, Elias, Navi, and Sarit.

Appetite for Disruption: Cocktails for Innovators

Joshua Avedon, Will Deutsch, Tera "Nova Jade* Greene, Esther Kustanowitz, Avram Mandell, Elai Shine, Laura Silver

Delightful. Diverse. Disruptive. This tribute to Jewish creativity, tradition and innovation features free-form schmoozing and fast-paced, entertaining multimedia presentations where connectors, innovators, educators, tech experts, creative thinkers, funders, media moguls, and enthusiastic consumers of Jewish content can all mingle. First 50 attendees get a free drink -- cash bar thereafter, snacks available throughout, courtesy of Jumpstart and the ROI community. Let the drinks, conversations and ideas flow! DJ beats provided by Bad/Wolf.

Peering Into the Jewish Future

Joshua Avedon, Sarah Benor, David Cygielman

If the 20th century was all about proving Jews are just like everyone else, the challenge for the 21st is how to make Jewish life relevant and compelling. But the communal institutions of Jewish life were mostly constructed for the old paradigm. So what are the trends, shifts in identity, and emerging ideas that are feeding the changes? And how can the Jewish community adapt, and ultimately thrive, in the new environment? Join us for a facilitated discussion to figure it all out.

Insert Your Topic Here...

Joshua Avedon, David Cygielman, Zack Lodmer

LimmudLA puts you in the driver's seat in this session sponsored by Jumpstart. We all know that sometimes the best conversations at conference happen spontaneously in hallways or at the bar, so we're giving you the chance to bring your best ideas to a session with no panels, predetermined topics, or agendas. Using "Open Space Technology," participants gather to create a marketplace of ideas -- each of which gets a chance to find an audience. Come with your ideas, openness, and curiosity -- you never know what might unfold.