Alisa Fineman

Congregation Beth Israel, Carmel, CA

Alisa Fineman is a Monterey-based singer-songwriter who has garnered many awards for her "quietly radiant folk songs" while serving as a cantorial soloist and teacher for twenty years. She was recently honored for her original Jewish music at the fourth Shalshelet Music Fest in New York City and also performed at Jacob's Ladder Fest 2011 in Israel. Her songs have been sung in many congregations and also have appeared in film documentaries.

Welcoming Ceremony and Shabbat Candle Lighting

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for our formal opening as conference. We will come together as community to welcome everyone and introduce the exciting opportunities for learning, connections and growth at this year's conference. Learn about the the LimmudLA values that make our conference unique. We will learn, sing, share and welcome Shabbat as a community, and then proceed into candle lighting next door. (Candle lighting is at 5:19 PM.) NOTE: Shabbat candles may NOT be lit anywhere other than at this session for fire safety reasons.

Songs of Praise

Shabbat is a time we breathe in some "extra soul" and sing a new song! To honor this gift, we “keep Shabbat” via sacred instruction that helps unify our bodies, minds and souls, and benefits our well-being. Shabbat allows us that pause we so deeply need to remember we are creatures -- a part of this wondrous creation -- filling up with the sweet medicine of gratitude to the Source of All Life and renewed appreciation. Come sing songs of praise to awaken your Shabbat essence, your inner nature.

Havdalah: The LimmudLA Way

Alisa Fineman, Andrew Hahn

Sing goodbye to Shabbat and welcome the new week with the kavanah (focused intention) that the lingering light and sweetness of Shabbat will bless the week ahead. Join us for song, prayer, and lots and lots of dancing under the stars. Bring your spirit, bring your song, and bring your dancing shoes as we usher out the Shabbat in our unique LimmudLA way.

Concert With Alisa Fineman

Award-winning singer-songwriter and cantorial soloist from Congregation Beth Israel in Carmel, CA, Alisa Fineman delivers a concert of her original compositions in Hebrew and English.