Becca Farber

Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School

Becca Farber is a professional wrestler who spends her days inside the battling vortices of giving and receiving, watching and participating, conquering and acquiescing, doing and being. Hidden in the ensuing riptides, she daily discovers the joy of living. She endeavors to share that experience with her middle and high school students through rich and reflective Torah study.

Jewish Educator Meet-Up

Becca Farber, Zvi Hirschfield, Cherie Koller-Fox

Come hang out with other Jewish educators. It doesn't matter whether you are a formal, informal, experiential, recreational, or early educational educator. Share your war stories, passion for Jewish education, and meet new friends. Learn about great opportunities for educators year-round and around the globe.

Horny Jewish Men

Is there any validity to the oft-heard claim, "they must have horns, they're Jewish"? Come discover the birth and journey of this supposedly slanderous allegation. Using ancient texts, concordances, Medieval and modern art, and even popular TV shows, wade through thousands of years worth of interpretation to find its surprising origin.