Andrew Hahn

Kirtan Rabbi

Andrew Hahn, known as the Kirtan Rabbi, is one of a new breed of artist-rabbis whose joyful music and teachings address the deepest longings of the 21st century. He holds a PhD from JTS and ordination from HUC-JIR. A long time martial arts instructor, he also teaches a Jewish form of Tai Chi. Hahn tours the country offering concerts, workshops, and Shabbatonim.

Fear and the Amygdala: Using the Shema to Transcend the Reptilian Brain

By means of gentle, easy movements and breathing exercises derived from Tai Chi & Chi Gung, we will learn concrete, repeatable tools that uncover how the Shema intentionally moves us to higher consciousness and encourages us to evolve. The session includes a brief text study in accord with the theme and is done standing or sitting on chairs. This session is not suitable for children.

Havdalah: The LimmudLA Way

Alisa Fineman, Andrew Hahn

Sing goodbye to Shabbat and welcome the new week with the kavanah (focused intention) that the lingering light and sweetness of Shabbat will bless the week ahead. Join us for song, prayer, and lots and lots of dancing under the stars. Bring your spirit, bring your song, and bring your dancing shoes as we usher out the Shabbat in our unique LimmudLA way.

Jewish Kirtan Concert

Bring your voices, open hearts, and dancing socks to a unique concert experience where YOU are the performers! Hebrew Kirtan -- inspired by a form of devotional prayer developed in India -- is a continual call-and-response, fully participatory chant where short, sacred phrases from the Jewish tradition are treated as powerful, universal meditations. It is at once contemplative, ecstatic, and simply fun. There is no need to know Hebrew to enjoy this activity fully.

Meditation and Accessing the 'World to Come'

Do Jews believe in an afterlife? A realm beyond this world? And, if so, what/where is it? This workshop will largely be a text study on the idea of Olam Ha'Ba, commonly translated as "the world to come." We will delve into various ways in which the Jewish tradition has treated this concept, both historically and in terms of an individual's journey. Ultimately, the session hopes to offer intellectual and textual underpinnings for why we turn to contemplative practice. Bonus: Learn the secret of "instant meditation!"

LimmudLA Talks

Will Deutsch, Andrew Hahn, Jodie Mendelson, Russel Neiss, Monica Piper

LimmudLA Talks feature a whirlwind of four TED-style talks from some of the most interesting, celebrating and dynamic presenters at this year's LimmudLA Conference. As one of the final learning opportunities at the LimmudLA 2012 Conference, you will not want to miss this. So come for the show, stay for the insights and bring your questions for what will truly be a compelling Q & A.