Bentzion Kravitz

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Bentzion Kravitz founded Jews for Judaism and has lectured in the United States, Soviet Union, South Africa, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and Israel. He wrote The Jewish Response to Missionaries with 325,000 copies in print. He attended the University of Texas and the Rabbinical College of America. He is also a chaplain, crisis counselor, and reserve officer for the LA Sheriff’s Department.

The Power of Persuasion

What do cults, telemarketers, and terrorists have in common? This session explores the techniques used by everyone from telemarketers, cult recruiters, and terrorists to influence thinking and behavior. Through a series of interactive demonstrations, you will become aware of why our instinctual defenses sometimes fail us and how our critical thinking can be derailed.

Missionary Impossible: The Jewish Response to Missionaries

Each year, deceptive and manipulative missionary groups like Jews for Jesus spend millions of dollars targeting Jews for conversion. More than 275,000 Jews have already succumbed to their efforts. This dynamic program outlines missionary tactics, differences between Judaism and Christianity, and provides the tools and knowledge you need to respond confidently to anyone who challenges your faith.