David Cygielman

Moishe House

David Cygielman is the founder and CEO of Moishe House. Since creating Moishe House in 2006, David has pioneered the growth from one Moishe House to more than 40 Moishe Houses in 14 countries, serving more than 5,000 participants a month. David is currently in the third year of his Avi Chai Fellowship and last year received the JCSA Award for leadership in the Jewish community.

The Innovation Buzzword

We hear the term all the time but what really is happening in the innovation eco-system? Is it building stronger Jewish life or hurting our existing institutions? Let's talk about some of the successes, failures and overall direction of innovation in the Jewish world.

Back to the "Jewish" Future (For Teens Only)

Sara Brandes, David Cygielman, Jessie Mallor, Russel Neiss

No crystal ball, bag of bones or Mayan prophecies at this session! Open only for our Teens@LimmudLA participants. The future of Judaism and Jewish life can only be told by the visionaries, trendsetters and innovators working in the here and now. Get one on one with some of greatest thinkers and doers at LimmudLA as they share their vision in a conversation with you.

Moishe House: Investigating the Global Jewish Landscape for Young Jews

We are fortunate in Moishe House to have 17 houses outside of the United States. Jewish life is different in each country and even more in each continent. We will explore what Jewish life is like on the ground in cities such as Moscow, Cape Town, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Warsaw. See first-hand the photos and stories of young Jewish adults creating their own communities throughout the world.

Peering Into the Jewish Future

Joshua Avedon, Sarah Benor, David Cygielman

If the 20th century was all about proving Jews are just like everyone else, the challenge for the 21st is how to make Jewish life relevant and compelling. But the communal institutions of Jewish life were mostly constructed for the old paradigm. So what are the trends, shifts in identity, and emerging ideas that are feeding the changes? And how can the Jewish community adapt, and ultimately thrive, in the new environment? Join us for a facilitated discussion to figure it all out.

Insert Your Topic Here...

Joshua Avedon, David Cygielman, Zack Lodmer

LimmudLA puts you in the driver's seat in this session sponsored by Jumpstart. We all know that sometimes the best conversations at conference happen spontaneously in hallways or at the bar, so we're giving you the chance to bring your best ideas to a session with no panels, predetermined topics, or agendas. Using "Open Space Technology," participants gather to create a marketplace of ideas -- each of which gets a chance to find an audience. Come with your ideas, openness, and curiosity -- you never know what might unfold.