Batsheva Frankel


Batsheva Frankel is Los Angeles Federation's The Next Big Jewish Idea winner for her proposal for LaunchBox. She has been working as a Jewish educator for all ages and denominations in Los Angeles and the East coast for over 15 years. With a background in theater and film, Batsheva's creative approach to teaching and curriculum development has led to her focus on developing innovations in Jewish education.

Fate vs. Free Will: An Ancient and Modern Approach

In this interactive class, we will take a novel approach to this classic paradox. Using the text of The Book of Esther and the children’s game of “cootie catcher” fortune tellers (remember those?), we will explore a deeper understanding of how fate and free will work in the world.

The Future Is Now: Out-of-the-Box Approaches to Jewish Education

Hyim Brandes, Batsheva Frankel, Yechiel Hoffman, Russel Neiss

Come discuss the challenges of traditional Jewish education, explore current innovations changing the nature of Jewish education, brainstorm ideas and set goals for the future. In a session featuring the innovative creators of Launch Box, the Online Jewish Academy, and Media Midrash, participants will get a chance to hear about and experience some of the most exciting new approaches to ensuring our Jewish future, and then help create more!