Russel Neiss

Russel M. Neiss is a Jewish educator, coder, and activist. He currently serves as the Academic Director of Technology & Media Services at the Rodeph Sholom School in New York City. In his spare time, he creates Jewish educational technology applications.

Back to the "Jewish" Future (For Teens Only)

Sara Brandes, David Cygielman, Jessie Mallor, Russel Neiss

No crystal ball, bag of bones or Mayan prophecies at this session! Open only for our Teens@LimmudLA participants. The future of Judaism and Jewish life can only be told by the visionaries, trendsetters and innovators working in the here and now. Get one on one with some of greatest thinkers and doers at LimmudLA as they share their vision in a conversation with you.

The Future Is Now: Out-of-the-Box Approaches to Jewish Education

Hyim Brandes, Batsheva Frankel, Yechiel Hoffman, Russel Neiss

Come discuss the challenges of traditional Jewish education, explore current innovations changing the nature of Jewish education, brainstorm ideas and set goals for the future. In a session featuring the innovative creators of Launch Box, the Online Jewish Academy, and Media Midrash, participants will get a chance to hear about and experience some of the most exciting new approaches to ensuring our Jewish future, and then help create more!

LimmudLA Talks

Will Deutsch, Andrew Hahn, Jodie Mendelson, Russel Neiss, Monica Piper

LimmudLA Talks feature a whirlwind of four TED-style talks from some of the most interesting, celebrating and dynamic presenters at this year's LimmudLA Conference. As one of the final learning opportunities at the LimmudLA 2012 Conference, you will not want to miss this. So come for the show, stay for the insights and bring your questions for what will truly be a compelling Q & A.