Marc Porter Zasada

Marc Porter Zasada is well known as "The Urban Man" on KCRW, at, and the Huffington Post. Marc's commentaries on modern life have appeared in many venues, from NPR's All Things Considered to the LA Times and BBC World Service. He was a founding member of the Bay Area Book Awards, author of Staying Human in L.A, and, in the 1990s, founded a major technology company.

Quests, Ladders, Rivers, and Beads

What exactly is "human success"? Does such a thing exist? Does it come at the middle or end of life? How does G-d remember us? Does He think of us as "successes" or "failures"? The well-known author and commentator (The Urban Man) from NPR, LA Times, and HuffPost, is writing a book about the origins and meaning of the four basic metaphors that drive our lives and provide our "story arc." You can help by joining an interactive discussion and workshop. Prepare to be shaken up.