Norman Green

Irsfeld, Irsfeld & Younger LLP

Norman Green is a native Angeleno, alumnus of the UCLA School of Law, and partner in the Glendale law firm Irsfeld, Irsfeld & Younger LLP. He is a frequent speaker on estate planning, administration, and taxation. A 5-year LimmudLA participant, he is particularly interested in the intersection of religion and law. In previous years, his session topics have included Improving your Passover Seder and Karaite Judaism.

Using Your Will to Impose your Will

A 2009 Illinois Supreme Court decision, In re Estate of Max Feinberg, has been widely interpreted to allow people to disfavor heirs who marry out of the faith. We will discuss the actual facts and holdings of the case and consider what provisions are or might be valid in a will or trust, and what kinds of provisions would not be permitted. This session will not be too technical, and non-lawyers are welcome.